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Straw Cusher

Animal Feed Grinder
high quality Animal Feed Grinder
Suitable for cutting green and corn stalk, rice and wheat stalk. The processed mass can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses. It can also be used in paper making and bio-mass electricity generating. They can also be used to extract alcohol.

high quality Animal Feed Grinder
1. Steel-framed structure, small, light, and easy to move about
2. With safety device designed to avoid accidents caused by knives knocking into each other the whole machine is safe and reliable.
3. Applying advanced hay-conveying structure with hay-conveying rollers (for whose patent we have been awarded), the cutter conveys hay automatically and smoothly with a high speed, so it works efficiently.
4. Universal joints used as roller transmission with compact structure, the cutter runs flexibly and is easy to take apart and also easy to install.
5. Multi-choice engines - applied with electric motors, diesel engines or tractors so they are especially suitable for areas with a short supply of electricity.
6. The blade made of high-quality steels is refined through special technological process, so it is especially wear-proof. The cutter uses high-strength bolts, and is safe and reliable.
7. The outer covering of thickened steel plates is wholly die-cast through constant welding with the pressed trade mark, so the whole machine is artistic and in good taste and able to stand wear and tear.
8. Lowest price for the same productivity